The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has unveiled its new online Numbering Portal, aligning with its Numbering Plan regulations and enhancing the oversight of national numbering assets.

In its announcement, Icasa emphasized that the Numbering Portal serves as a centralized platform to streamline the efficient and transparent management of national telecommunication numbers. It is designed to optimize the national number range, promote regulatory compliance, and offer scalability and flexibility within the telecommunications landscape.

One of the primary objectives of this Numbering Portal is to simplify the process of applying for telecommunication numbers and improve reporting and compliance. Licensees can now conveniently submit their numbering requests through the portal, reducing the potential for manual errors and ensuring a smoother experience.

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Furthermore, the portal will play a pivotal role in assisting licensees in adhering to regulatory guidelines and requirements concerning numbering resources, in accordance with numbering regulations.

Icasa’s acting chair, Yolisa Kedama, expressed the significance of this portal for the regulator, stating, “This marks a significant milestone for us. The portal equips us with the means to effectively monitor and audit the allocation process and the utilization of numbering resources on a national scale. Additionally, it facilitates tracking and analysis of resource usage, numbering resource planning, and allocation.”

In essence, the launch of the Numbering Portal signifies a major step forward in the modernization and optimization of South Africa’s telecommunications industry, ensuring that numbering resources are managed efficiently and in accordance with regulatory standards.